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PVC Free Materials: The Ins and Outs

We often talk about PVC Free materials – and that’s not a bad thing.  But PVC free means more than just [...]

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Innotech Wins the Race to Develop the UK’s First Biodegradable Print Media

Innotech Digital & Display has announced the industry’s first fully biodegradable print media. Once discarded and [...]

How Sustainable is the Print Media You Use? Find Out with Innotech’s Eco Impact Rating Tool

We have created an Eco Impact Rating Tool designed to give print service providers a straightforward and accurate way [...]

How to Evaluate the Environmental Impact of The Print Materials You Use

You’re attempting to make the switch to non-pvc print materials. But trying to navigate the tangle of numerous [...]

How to Build Sustainability into Large Format Printing

Innotech Digital has published a comprehensive eBook covering the realities of being sustainable in the large format [...]

Ultimate Guide to PVC Banner Recycling

It’s no exaggeration to say plastics transformed the world. A world without plastics means giving up the cheap [...]

New Recycled Polyester Fabrics from Innotech

Innotech Expands Trail-Blazing Range of Recycled Polyester Fabrics

Innotech Digital, has announced the expansion of its Vertex Marine range of PVC-free fabric display products made from [...]