Published 2nd Aug 2022

Innotech Wins the Race to Develop the UK’s First Biodegradable Print Media

Innotech Digital & Display has announced the industry’s first fully biodegradable print media. Once discarded and disposed of via the residual waste stream, Envirotech BIO250 PVC Free Biodegradable Print Media Grey Back 250g/m2 FR EN13501 will decompose within 9-12 months.

Made from 100% natural fibres, the Envirotech BIO250 print media is robust, and can be printed on Latex, UV-C or Solvent machines. There is no compromise printed display quality or durability, which is up to 2 years, but it breaks down quickly when in the right compostable conditions.

Until now, most print materials have no choice but to end up in landfill sites. This means many thousands of square metres of media simply adding to the global pollution crisis. Innotech’s unique Envirotech BIO250 print media gives the display print industry a practical and effective opportunity to make a real difference to the planet.

Derek Shedden, UK Commercial Director says, “This is a massive break-through for our industry.  The pressure has been on all of us that make up the print industry to do something about our impact on the environment, and this is a massive stride in the right direction!”

Initially, this material is available in 2.2m and 3.15m widths.  It’s ideal for a whole host of applications such as, short term campaign banners, wall coverings, roller banners, stretched frame canvases and exhibition backdrops. In Innotech’s own Eco Impact Score Tool, the product rates B, which is among the highest of all ecologically friendly materials on the market.

Shedden continues, “Whilst we understand the ultimate goal is closed-loop recycling at end of life, with the limited infrastructure currently available this is the obvious solution in the meantime, especially where recovery can be difficult across multiple locations, for example.”

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