Vertex soft signage materials are strong, lightweight, and versatile, suitable for backdrops, lightbox graphics, flags, flying banners, and room dividers.

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Soft signage materials that are strong, versatile, and eco-friendly.  

Vertex soft signage materials are strong, lightweight, and versatile, suitable for backdrops, lightbox graphics, flags, flying banners, and room dividers.

The significant benefit of Vertex materials is they are made from fully recyclable PET (polyester) or R-PET (recycled polyester). These display textiles have a low carbon footprint and are easily recyclable at the end of their life.

Additionally, most soft signage is flexible, foldable, and durable, making it a reusable product that can survive transportation and extended storage.

Suitable for dye sublimation and UV print processes, the Vertex range includes display textiles for posters and banners, flag textiles, greyback textured textile, blackback textiles for stage displays, stretch textiles, and backlit textiles.

We offer most Vertex materials in multiple widths for wide-format printers, all of which are compatible with all or some of dye-sublimation, UV-C, and latex printers.

Soft signage is becoming more popular as the print industry shifts away from PVC banner materials. PET and R-PET are eco-friendly alternatives to PVC that offer excellent print quality and durability, all at a relatively affordable price.

Contact us if you need help choosing the best products. We can also send you free samples of the Vertex products that interest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vertex soft signage?

It is a flexible and lightweight synthetic textile range for displaying advertisements, backdrops, and other images in an eco-friendly way. You can print them with dye-sublimation, UV-C, and latex printers.

What is Vertex soft signage made from?

It is typically made from 100% PVC-free polyester or recycled polyester textile. Polyester is a recyclable plastic with outstanding durability, while recycled polyester is made from old plastic bottles.

What does the Vertex soft signage range include?

The Vertex range includes display textiles, backlit textiles, frontlit textiles, blackback textiles (for maximum opacity), stretch textiles, flag fabric, and adhesive wall fabric, with multiple widths and weights available.

What are the applications of Vertex soft signage?

Soft signage and textiles are ideal for retail signage and advertisements, hanging displays, stretch covers, exhibitions, canvas frames, wallpaper, tablecloths, pop-up stands, stage backdrops, SEG graphics, and more.

Why choose Vertex soft signage for your print projects?

Soft signage delivers easy printability and high print quality with a PVC-free alternative for all display graphics. Most media is fire-rated to B1, making it suitable for large indoor backdrops and textile graphics.