8th March 2018

Consignment Stock: the best route for Spiral Colour 

Jason Carpenter Production Manager at Spiral Colour has been talking to Innotech to share their positive experience with Innotech and choosing to go ahead with consignment stock. 

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28th February 2018

Couriers, do your worst – the Gallant roller banner can take just about anything you can throw at it!

You’d generally think we’d seen it all in roller banner design but not all banner stands are created equally. The Gallant Roller Banner has been designed specifically by us to withstand the usual hard knocks during deliveries and is sturdy enough to endure heavy handed, every day usage and still maintain its tension properties.

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13th February 2018

The 2018/19 Innotech Display Guide

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31st January 2018

Shopping Centres: the Printer’s Playground 

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5th January 2018

We’ve launched our Instagram search for a #PrintHero!

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19th December 2017

Russell Alexander reflects on 2017 and shares his thoughts for 2018……

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4th December 2017

New Market Opportunity: Custom Wall Coverings

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3rd November 2017

Our vision for DGcal Vinyls in the UK

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