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HP – Machinery Manufacturer Spotlight

HP Graphic Arts

The original HP (Hewlett-Packard) LaserJet came out in 1984 and became the world’s most popular laser printer within six months of its release.

1991 brought the HP Deskjet 500C to home users, and the HP Officejet—a printer that could print, fax, and copy—came in 1994 to streamline and save precious office desk space.

The 2000s has seen HP continue to push the boundaries of printing technology. In 2008, the company launched the worlds first durable waterbased inks, which are known as latex inks.

HP’s venture into 3D printing began in 2016 with the debut of the HP Jet Fusion, the company’s first 3D printer and one of the first in the world capable of printing in full colour—a triumph in capabilities beyond filament printing.

In 2019, they entered the textile printing market with the introduction of their dye-sublimation HP Stitch range.

And most recently (at the time of writing this article) 2021 saw the launch of the Latex 700 and 800, and the HP Latex 700W and 800W offering white ink capability and faster nozzles for the first time in this category.



Source: HP

Their printers use latex inks made from up to 65% water to avoid many of the chemicals associated with eco-solvent and UV inks.

HP latex inks emit no hazardous air pollutants and are non-combustible with a durable, scratch-resistant finish even outdoors.

Their Stitch range use specially developed dye-sublimation inks that deliver consistent colours time after time.

Printer range

HP’s wide and grand-format printers print with latex inks across print and cut, rigid, production, and industrial models. Industrial models have a wide output of 3.2 m, with production printers in the middle at 1.63 m.

Tackling high volumes of large-format signage and decorative applications is the aim of the game, with HP’s technologies like symmetrical double print heads and automatic print head cleaning giving you high-quality printing at a wicked pace.

A few popular models:

HP Latex 800 W

HP Latex 800W
Source: HP

Vivid colours, white inks, sharp details, and rich, pure blacks at impressive speeds of up to 388 square feet per hour make the Latex 800 W a powerful production tool.

The printer uses water-based HP Latex Ink, which provides a more comfortable and doorless printing environment compared to solvent-based inks. It has received UL ECOLOGO and EPEAT certifications for its sustainable and eco-friendly features.

HP Latex 2700 Printer

HP Latex S2700
Source: HP

Step up your production efficiency with the HP Latex 2700’s high-performance, cost-effective, vivid colours at an impressive 958 ft²/hr using symmetrical double printheads.

The intuitive interface and automatic printhead cleaning help increase efficiency and save time and money. Grow your business with a 30% wider colour gamut at high speed while preserving media gloss and feel.

With HP Configuration Center, you can print confidently on a wide range of signage and décor applications and ensure consistent colour across your global fleet.

HP Latex 2700 W Plus Printer

Unlock higher margins with the HP Latex 2700 W Plus Printer, featuring white ink capabilities for high-value applications on pre-coloured and transparent media with the whitest white.

The automatic recirculation and offline rotating printhead chamber eliminate waste between white jobs. Achieve vivid colours at 958 ft²/hr and opaque white at 484 ft²/hr.

HP Professional Print Service Plans provide proactive support, workflow control, and training to help your business grow.

HP Latex R1000 Printer

HP Latex R1000
Source: HP

The R1000 is a beast of an industrial printer. It supports materials 64 inches wide and can print up to 15 outdoor boards per hour in all print modes.

With the belt system and smart vacuum, the RF1000 automatically feeds media into itself, while removable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads stored in an offline rotating chamber automatically recirculate inks to ensure maximum uptime.

Vibrant ink colours, efficient white printing, high-speed production, and user-friendly features make it a unique solution for businesses looking to expand into high-value rigid printing applications.

HP Stitch S1000 Printer

Source: HP

High volume, 3.2m fabric printing is made easy with their Stitch S1000 printer.  With a single machine, users can print onto both transfer paper and direct to fabric with equally impressive results.  Set up is easy, and once printing, can reach speeds of up to 220m2/hr.

It’s dual-roll feature allows multiple rolls with different graphics to be printed simultaneously, instantly doubling up production output of it’s narrower sibling the S500


Manufacturing information

Most HP printers – including their wide and desktop format models – are manufactured in China, with most cartridges and accessories made in Malaysia. Some HP printers are assembled in the US and Europe before resale in these regions.


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