Published 30th Nov 2020

Why PVC Free Print Materials Matter

Why PVC Free Print Materials Matter
The PVC Dilemma

PVC is difficult to recycle due to the complexities of the product construction, base materials, face films and the chemicals and additives which are crucial to ensure the product performs as it needs to .

PVC does not readily degrade, indeed it can take many decades to degrade, releasing toxic substances such as dioxins and furans as it does so, which in turn make up leachate contaminating groundwater, rivers, impacting water sources, the food chain and the eco-system.

Because of this, PVC is usually incinerated, releasing dioxins and furans into the atmosphere which contribute to known health issues such as cancer, immunity and reproductive and developmental problems.

Another effect of incineration is the release of hydrogen chloride which is corrosive to skin and increases soil acidity affecting both land and water ecosystems.

So what’s the solution?

The Envirotech® series is an environmentally friendly 100% PVC-free print media range which is free from heavy metals, phthalates, plasticisers and isocyanate-containing compounds.

It has the same appearance, feel and quality as conventional PVC products together with the advantage of being lighter weight without compromising on strength or longevity. Weight reductions of up to 50% allow for significant reductions in CO2, transport, storage etc and the material can be easily transported, even folded, without visual deterioration unlike PVC products.

The benefit of using PVC-free materials such as Envirotech® ensure that chemicals which are harmful to humans and nature are kept out of our eco-systems by offering a simpler recycling and re-use process or if incinerated, can be done so safely without the release of toxins.

The necessity of large amounts of additives and plasticisers is eliminated and the fundamental components used are well below strict European recommended guidelines.

Choosing Envirotech® allows us to responsibly safeguard our environment ensuring it remains unspoilt for future generations to enjoy.

Discover Innotech’s collection of PVC Free Print Materials here

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