Published 11th Jul 2019

Revving Up Sales In The Car Industry

The Opportunity…

Printing companies are well used to approaching clients in the retail sector and well-versed in the materials and techniques used to enrich the customer experience in a typical store – but what about specialist retail settings?

Car dealerships are one such environment.  They’re just retail spaces – with some very specific requirements – but like any shop, they still need to create a consumer experience that inspires confidence and drives sales.  Given that there’s at least one dealership in every medium-sized town across the UK, and almost every family in the country needs to maintain or upgrade their vehicle at regular intervals, there’s some serious business to be done in this arena for printers with the right knowledge.

Whether they’re independent or part of a franchise, all car dealers operate in a highly competitive market, which means they need to find ways to stand out.  This presents excellent opportunities for printers with an insight into the materials and design techniques that can transform a large showroom space into an interactive retail setting.

While franchise groups may be bound by the logos and brand guidelines of their parent company, smaller dealerships and independents often have autonomy over the look and feel of their premises, and would benefit from the guidance of a professional who can show them what’s possible.

Even in a franchised dealership, there are lots of opportunities to enhance the visual appeal of the showroom.  These spaces are necessarily large, with expanses of glass frontage, and light interiors that maximize visibility for passing trade.  As a result, the interiors can often seem clinical, and it’s easy for marketing messages to get lost.

To see all Innotech products that are ideal for Car Showrooms, visit our dedicated “Automotive” page.


Window Advertising

Large scale work is undoubtedly effective in such environments; bold wall graphics can help to zone spaces or even create a backdrop to showcase a particular vehicle to best effect.  Utilising the glazed front of the showroom is another impactful yet cost-effective strategy – and the use of static cling vinyls means it’s super simple and quick to change the messaging for short-lived promotions and events.  A clear vinyl such as General Formulations means you can go bold on graphics without blocking the view into or out of the showroom.

Light Boxes

It’s not all about big, however. Even if your customer doesn’t have the final say on wall installations, chances are they’re open to conversations about smaller or more temporary tricks of the trade.  Wall mounted light boxes, for example, offer excellent visual impact without being obtrusive – use in conjunction with a specialist textile such as Vertex Glacier to create subtle yet attractive poster-style displays.  For wayfinding, or simply displaying information right next to the relevant vehicle, you can’t beat an illuminated freestanding totem like our Slimlite version. With a compact footprint and quick-change magnetic front panel, it couldn’t be easier to switch graphics and of course, these items are easy to move around at will which is essential when the showroom layout is always changing.  And let’s not forget about the humble vinyl banner – still a great way to draw attention to a promotion or special event, and super cost-effective.  Landing a small job like this could be just what you need to prove your expertise – and who knows where it might lead?

Vehicle Wraps

Last but not least, let’s talk vehicle wrap!  This is a little-understood technology that sales professionals might disregard due to concerns about cost or even removal.  Of course, permanent wrap on courtesy or fleet vehicles is a great way to literally get the customer’s marketing message on the road – but clever wrapping jobs on a smaller scale can also help them shift more cars.  We’ve recently heard about one firm doing accent wrapping on wing mirrors and roofs that’s delivered excellent results for hard-to-shift vehicles by transforming them into desirable one-offs.  And of course, temporary vinyls and even static cling can help dealers turn a vehicle into a three-dimensional billboard, whilst being easy to remove when it’s sold!

To see all Innotech products that are ideal for Car Showrooms, visit our dedicated “Automotive” page.

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