Published 3rd Nov 2017

Our vision for DGcal Vinyls in the UK

DGcal have established themselves one of the world’s leading manufacturers of face films and vinyls. Having worked closely with numerous other well-known vinyl brands, DGcal are well placed in promoting their range globally. DGcal are committed to delivering on  their ambitious vision for the future to become one of the top vinyl brands – and we are are a key partner for them achieving this in the UK and Ireland.

DGcal vinyls offer a high quality proposition and an attractive price-point with proven success over the past 10 years. A particular benefit of using their materials is the proven low shrinkage rate when applied. They are also highly UV resistant for longer life especially in sunnier climates, as they have been manufactured to withstand the heat and UV rays, such as in the southern hemisphere. Water-based adhesive technology is used which is not so damaging to the environment when compared with solvent based adhesives, without compromising on performance.


Our Marketing Manager, Kieran Dallow comments, “DGcal is one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of face vinyls. With DGcal now focusing on growing their own brand vinyls, customers can be confident that they are buying from a tried and trusted source. We’re proud to be working with DGcal in the UK and Ireland as their authorised stockist and they recognise that we hold the same trusted reputation in the industry.”

Over the next twelve months, DGcal will be announcing new lines to their range including high tack and low tack options, floor laminates and floor graphic vinyls amongst others.

The range includes a selection of Air Escape Vinyls. The patented release liners on these vinyls feature air egress technology, allowing easy air flow when gently rubbing the film.  There is no need to put excessive pressure on the film during application, which reduces time and application costs, whether on flat and smooth substrates, or slightly curved surfaces


“Our sales teams will be actively promoting the DGcal range across the UK and will deliver swatch books and samples during face to face visits to show the full range,” said Kieran, “They will also be discussing bespoke manufacturing to larger companies that are looking for product variations – a unique, quick turnaround service that DGcal pride themselves in being able to deliver via partners like ourselves.”


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