Published 22nd Feb 2024

New Print Media Collaboration on Epson SC-R5000 Resin Printers

epson and innotech print materials pack

Innotech has partnered with Epson UK to produce a collection of seven key products printed on the Epson SureColor SC-R5000 Resin ink-based large format printer. These packs will be available for customers to see for the first time on Epson’s stand (J40) at Sign & Digital UK from 25th to 27th February.

“This collaboration pack featuring a selection of Innotech’s Media Range printed on Epson’s SC-R5000 showcases the compatibility between materials and machines and the wide array of print possibilities,” says Kieran Dallow, Marketing Manager for Innotech Digital. He adds,

“It demonstrates the power of when two independent industry specialists in their own respective fields get together.  We see Epson as a leader in large format printing sector, and their resin printer has certainly impressed us. We are delighted and honoured to have our materials showcased on their stand at SDUK.”

Tom Owers, Product Manager for Commercial Imaging at Epson UK, says, “The relationship between media products and printers is critical and one that is particularly important for our customers looking to deliver a broad range of high-quality applications.

Innotech’s products work really well with the SC-R5000, and they have produced some excellent samples that I am sure will be well-received at SDUK.”

The Epson SureColor SC-R5000 is a high-end resin inkjet printer designed for professional printing applications. It uses Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore printhead technology to deliver exceptional image quality and colour accuracy. With its wide colour gamut and high-resolution output, it is capable of producing stunning prints for various industries, including signage, décor, packaging, and proofing. The SC-R5000 is known for its reliability, speed, and versatility, making it a top choice for businesses seeking top-tier printing solutions.

The Innotech products being produced in the sample folder are:

Visit Epson UK’s stand J40 at SDUK or their showroom to see the sample folder, or reach out to Innotech to see how their media range can open up new opportunities for you.

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