Published 27th May 2021

New Free Online Estimating Tool Calculates Media Requirements and Costs for any Print Job

Innotech Digital has launched its free Printing Cost Calculator. This online tool provides instant, accurate information on the amount of media required for your print job and can help you optimise your purchasing to minimise waste and maximise cost savings.

The tool is completely free and accessible by clicking here.

Kieran Dallow, Innotech Digital’s Marketing Manager, says, “Our free Printing Cost Calculator is a comprehensive and accurate tool for measuring the amount of media required and how much this will cost. The tool allows you to enter the size of your print jobs and the cost of the media for different widths and roll lengths and then calculates the most cost-effective combination of media options. This will help customers save time and money as well as minimise potential wastage.”

It is traditionally difficult to accurately specify the best media size to use for print jobs and this often results in much more media wastage that would have been necessary if the correct widths and roll lengths were used. This wastage is not only bad for the environment, but adds significantly to the cost of most print jobs. The Innotech Printing Cost Calculator shows instantly how much your print jobs will cost and allows you to look at ways of minimising this depending on size of rolls and types of media.

Kieran Dallow concludes, “Our unique Print Cost Calculator is free to use for all printing jobs. As a company we know how important it is to reduce the amount of waste products in our industry and we also want people to get the most from their print investments. We believe this calculator will quickly become an essential tool in the planning and specification of printing jobs across the country.”


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