Published 1st Feb 2024

About PONGS – History. Quality. Sustainability.


PONGS, a brand steeped in history, stands out as a unique supplier of soft signage materials to the print industry. It’s an honour to be able to offer these materials to our customers, and we think you should know the PONGS story too. The secret to their success is based on three key pillars: History, Quality, and Sustainability.


Founded in 1913 by Arthur Pongs as a cotton weaving mill in Mönchengladbach, PONGS has evolved over a century into an internationally renowned company for textile products.

In 1967, Adam Lautenbach acquired the company, and established a new segment in textile distribution for visual merchandising.

Over the years, they’ve diversified into markets like trade fairs, theatre, and events. Notable milestones include the acquisition of a silk-weaving mill in 1992 and becoming the world’s first producer of printable textiles in widths up to 5m in 1995-1996. The company embraced digital printing early on and developed architectural textiles for wall and ceiling covering in 2003.

Innovations continued with the introduction of DESCOR®, a wall and stretched ceiling system in 2008, and advancements in acoustic textiles like DESCOR PREMIUM and SILENCIO® in 2015.

The company’s commitment to innovation and expertise is showcased in its transition to PONGS Technical Textiles GmbH in 2011-2013 and the opening of a Sales & Creative Department with a showroom in Düsseldorf in 2019, emphasizing the fusion of textile architecture with modern design.


PONGS takes its ecological responsibility seriously, aiming not only to meet but exceed the world’s highest environmental standards.Using state-of-the-art energy and environmental technology, PONGS employs eco-friendly production processes, boasting a fully biological wastewater treatment plant, ozone reactors, and advanced air purification methods.

The company is on a mission to generate heat, compressed air, and electricity through innovative technologies, already covering 40% of their power needs with solar and heating plants, reducing CO2 emissions by around 900 tonnes annually.

Holding the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate, PONGS proudly incorporates recycled materials into its production, ensuring a PVC-free and sustainably sourced textile base.

The company’s commitment extends to clean wastewater, air purification, and a conscious energy balance, embracing technologies like LED lighting and heat recovery.

PONGS invests in future-oriented processes, collaborates with renowned research institutes, and adheres to international standards, emphasising its dedication to environmentally responsible practices and the production of high-quality textiles. Certifications, including OEKO-TEX® and REACH compliance, underscore PONGS’ commitment to responsible and sustainable production, embodying a green philosophy that prioritises harmony with nature and environmental respect.


Placing utmost importance on product quality and customer satisfaction, PONGS operates a fully integrated production facility in Mühltroff, Saxony, handling processes from yarn spinning to weaving, pre-treatment, finishing, and automated packaging. The strategic choice of location ensures safe production conditions, skilled specialists, and proximity to German suppliers, contributing to consistently high-quality products and services.

PONGS maintains a close link between production and the development department, collaborating with textile research institutes to offer cutting-edge products tailored to diverse applications.

The commitment to quality extends to fostering long-term, partnership-based relationships with customers and suppliers, encouraging active exchange and improvement initiatives. PONGS promotes a culture of quality awareness, employee motivation, and continuous improvement through targeted training, clear guidelines, and flat hierarchies.

The company adheres to a comprehensive quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015, continually reviewing key figures, production parameters, and processes for potential enhancements. The principles of their quality management emphasize customer-centricity, management responsibility, employee involvement, process-oriented thinking, continuous improvement, data-driven decision-making, and maintaining partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

This commitment to quality is integrated into the company’s operations and communicated transparently to all stakeholders.

In essence, PONGS combines a rich legacy, unwavering commitment to quality, and a forward-looking approach to sustainability, making it a truly exceptional brand in the textile industry.

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