The 2018/19 Innotech Display Guide

13th February 2018

Expand your Horizons with the 2018/19 Guide

Are you planning what products you’re going to be adding to your range this year, or are you looking  to venture out into new territories? This is what the 2018/19 Display Guide from Innotech can help you to achieve.

This comprehensive Guide covers the entire range across portable display equipment, point of sale equipment, digital signage and presentation media.  

Our display products are suited perfectly for an array of marketing channels which is essential today for the needs of the fast paced and increasingly coplex marketing and advertising industries.

According to research by Microsoft, consumers can be exposed to as many as 600 messages or signals a day from brands. This truly shows the importance of your role in the visual display market to maximise the brand exposure of your customers to prospects they’re trying to capture the attention of.

4 Reasons you need the 2018/19 Innotech Display Guide

  • Over 300 products to choose from.
  • New sizes of some of the most popular products including our Contester Pop Up System and TEXstyle Display systems.
  • An even bigger selection of TEXstyle Display systems including the new Suspend Hanging Systems.
  • …and more new products, that you’ll have to find for yourself in the new catalogue!


What should I be looking out for in the 2018/19 Display Guide?

  • Exhibition & Display Systems that push boundaries

Over 20 varieties of roller banner stands and, numerous sizes and shapes of pop up systems, are only part of this dynamic range of brand building tools.

  • Point of Sale Equipment Essential for Retailers 

Our unrivalled Super Slim LED light boxes and bestselling snap Frames are just a few to mention in this extensive range.

  • Digital Signage to achieve High Impact 

We’ve not missed the power of audio visual brand communication and our Guide includes a range of high quality commercial digital advertising displays.

  • Presentation Media for Varying Business Needs 

Whichever conference or event your customers are looking to run this can be catered for through the presentation media rangewhich includes LCD stands, mounts, whiteboards and noticeboards.

Our website is also a great tool to help you find out more details about the full Display Range.

You can view your personalised prices, watch product videos or order your favourite products directly through our market leading website and trade portal.